one of the worst things about becoming educated on social issues is when people are like ‘you used to have a sense of humor’

no i used to have internalized prejudices which i’ve worked really hard to overcome and i realize now that your jokes are shitty

Always reblog this because becoming more socially aware makes you dislike a lot of people

This is why I don’t have friends anymore

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The Philosophy Chronicles: Hate Speech & the N-word

Hey y’all! I wrote a blog post about an interesting discussion that occurred during my philosophy class two weeks ago. We talked about Iggy Azalea, the Hannah Strong incident, and the regulation of the n-word.

I’m sure you all will find it interesting!

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Misty Copeland, “an unlikely ballerina,” who went from poverty to making history, as “only the second black woman in the history of the American Ballet Theatre to gain the status of soloist.”



There’s a very real difference between poor Black folks actually raised in poor Black neighborhoods and Black middle class folks raised in relatively stable neighborhoods who really want to embody a poor Black aesthetic.


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