A Modern Myth
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You know what really bothers me about this? People are reblogging it saying how iconic this was or whatever but she had just been beaten. The arson in which she was arrested for was an accident. Her boyfriend at the time had just beaten her and she was burning his new shoes in the bathtub but it spread too quick for her to do anything. I don’t like these photographs. It shows her bruised and having her dignity taken from her. She was arrested but her boyfriend, an abuser, had very little punishment, if any at all. This isn’t iconic, this is an example of how much society is against strong women. 

cotton candy


rice is nice
graphic by toshiki koyanagi

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   I may come back to this later but here’s my brush styled portrait of Lupita done in Photoshop. Took me a minute but hey, this was reallyyyy fun. If reblog, keep text and credit to me, artofwhack.tumblr.com. Thank you!

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Black Beauty. 
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New York City Windows   

  Alejandro Cerutti


now this is art

Audrey Hepburn mural by Tristan Eaton in Little Italy